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Let's co-create

the life

you want.

I am often asked, “What kind of coach are you?"

“Career Coach? Life Coach?” “Executive Coach? Leadership Coach?”


My answer is yes and no.


It is your agenda, not mine. 

  Many of my clients are looking to set a new direction for their careers,
some want more balance, more meaning, or more overall joy and satisfaction at work and at home.  Some just need help making big decisions.

My approach is to help you look ahead to the future no matter what the topic. 



Getting started is easy.


I offer a free 30-minute consultation. With no strings attached.


We’ll talk about your pain points, about the life you really want,

and make a plan together for how you can get there.


(If you want a little help, use this Wheel of Life to do
a quick assessment of how you are feeling.)

Change can happen quickly – usually in a lot less time than you'd think.
In a few short sessions, you can find and embrace your unique strengths,
identify your sense of purpose in your work and life,
and start to become more fully the person you want to be.

People who are more satisfied with their work and feel they matter, have less anxiety and less illness…in short, greater overall wellness.

- Study by Kathleen M. Connolly & Jane E. Myers

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