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Hello I’m Nina Abnee.

After 30+ years working in advertising and marketing, both managing teams and mentoring individuals, I learned that good leaders don’t happen by accident, they grow with life experiences.


Now I help others lean into their leadership potential through a deeper understanding of who they are as leaders.


Do you know your leadership story?

How Eyes Forward began.


I spent most of my career at Leo Burnett in Chicago solving client business problems and inspiring award-winning creative solutions that connect with people.
While there, I managed the careers of more than 300 executives of all ages and
found myself taking as much pleasure from their successes as from my own.


So I got professionally certified by the Coaches Training Institute and

the Leadership Circle and in 2017 I founded Eyes Forward.

What my clients say about me.



“Nina elevates the conversation beyond what is going on in your situation,
she hunts down why it's happening. Once there is clarity about
why you have great
command over visualizing and realizing opportunities to grow and change.” 

- Senior Level Brand Manager


I was fortunate to be able to work with Nina during a career transition period.
Through her objective guidance, I was able to better understand my life’s 
This led me to be able to evolve my personal branding statement, getting me back on track
to achieve my career goals. I would highly recommend Nina!

- Senior Level Digital Lead

Coaching sessions with Nina have prompted me to reflect and dig deeper into defining
and valuing the nuances of my identity. Learning to embrace what makes me unique
has allowed me to embark on a chapter of life filled with career shifts, new beginnings,
and important life decisions. I now have greater 
confidence in my strengths and the value
I can add to my community, career, and relationships.

- Millennial Jobseeker


I knew I wanted something new but was paralyzed by the thought of change.  A few sessions with Nina and I had my resume together and had a plan for my future – change be damned!

- Senior level executive and mom of three


I never anticipated how quickly I could feel comfortable and less confident about the resume and skillset that launched my career. Nina was encouraging, direct, and helped me discover what I want out of my career. She pushed and guided me out of my comfort zone in a way that no one has before. Her questions focused on my strengths, as well as what she sensed drives me to success. In only a few sessions, Nina helped me rediscover myself.

- PR Professional and Millenial Momma


Working with Nina has provided me with clarity on my changing values. This work has led me to practical ways to balance my life so it authentically matches my values and brings me real joy.  It's been an empowering, enjoyable and very enlightening experience!  I couldn't recommend it more.

- Filmmaker



-Joe Maddon

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