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Eyes Forward

Momentum Workshop

Our proprietary Momentum Workshop promises to get your team unstuck and aligned toward common goals in three steps, two weeks and one day. 


The process starts with 2 weeks of data gathering using stakeholder interviews and the Leadership Cultural Survey (LCS). This approach gets the entire leadership team aligned on defining current team behavior vs their self-defined ideal team.

(In other words, the elephant is defined before we get into the room) From this gap, we create the action plan with measurable goals during a one-day workshop. The discussion and action plan are captured in real time by a visual artist so the report is done and everybody walks away with a copy.


By the end of the Momentum workshop, the team will be communicating better, agreed on common goals and committed to new behaviors.



Nina Abnee

Nina spent 30 years in creative agencies trouble shooting client issues that needed resolution. She is credited with turning around relationships and saving agency business with Kraft, Allstate, Hallmark, Delta Airlines and General Motors. As the founder and principal owner of Eyes Forward, she helps teams and individuals create momentum for their businesses, careers and lives. In addition to her vast knowledge of the agency business and client relationships she is a professional coach certified in the Leadership Circle Profile™ and Leadership Cultural Survey™.

Dan Baldino

Dan helps marketers create stronger brands by providing actionable, results-oriented marketing consulting and strategic facilitation. With over 25 years of experience building brands on both the Agency and Client side, Dan is routinely called on to lead multi-national, high-performance teams with Fortune 500 Companies such as Kimberly-Clark, Samsung, Hallmark, Allstate and Sony PlayStation. He has worked in over 25 countries, implementing global marketing training programs, with a focus on marketing and brand strategy, integrated marketing activation, and building strong client agency relationships.

SunShine BenBelkacem

Sunny is a graphic recorder, graphic facilitator, and facilitator of work processes that foster group genius, collaboration, co-creation and innovation. Sunny immerses herself in content and synthesizes the flow of information to create compelling visual stories and summaries. The results is a visual communication that creates an artifact of a moment in time, captures participation, tracks conversation flow, aids in group sense-making, synthesizes, organizes, and connects information, explains systems and processes, and captures key themes, insights, decisions, and actions.  Since 1998, Sunny has captured visuals for sense-making, documenting, brainstorming, proto-typing, explaining, simulating and thinking out complex business problems with facilitation teams at more companies and organizations than we can possibly name here. 

Alex Schmidt

Alex is an artist, educator, and comedian with 10+ years experience performing and studying improv comedy. Her experiences with Upright Citizens Brigade (New York, NY), social performance therapy (New York, NY), and pedagogical studies and practice (Reggio Emilia, Italy) are combined to provide a high-energy workshop that encourages creativity, connection, communication, and collaboration. She has led improv comedy workshops for a wide range of group sizes and demographics, with clients including BlackRock (NY and DE), TriBeca Community School (NY), and Skillset Retreat at Rowe Center (MA).

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