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get a little stormy.

We can help.

CMOs agree that creativity drives growth. Which means their agency
is a critical factor in the company’s success.

It's a beautiful thing when this partnership is cranking out great work, 
and everyone is happy. But, too often the relationship ends up being 
less-than-idyllic with stress and frustration on both sides.


Nobody likes this. 


I’ve been there. I feel your pain. I’ve also figured out a process to get things to a  more productive place. Using data from the Leadership Culture Survey™
combined with a workshop I’ve developed, The Momentum Workshop,

I can, in a very short time, get agency-client teams thinking, feeling and
acting like partners again, and get the creativity flowing.


Creativity drives ROI, investing in your agency relationship drives creativity. ​

- Jill Baskin, CMO Hershey

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